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Nationwide Arena Will Open to 5th Line March 2, 2021!

You can hear that cannon in person, on March 2ent, against the Detroit Red Wings.  5th line, you can come home!  It was released just this morning, via ABC 6, that the submitted plan to Ohio’s local and state health departments, had just been given the green light from the state, its final requirement.  If rules are followed, a 10% maximum compacity is aloud for the rest of this season.  I will post a link to tickets when one is made available!  (

This also goes beyond our joy of going back to in person hockey.  As local businesses hit hard by the pandemic, may be able to recover financially, just due to this small amount of fans returning to games.  It is incredible news, and prideful to see our city be one of the first to allow fans back to see their beloved NHL team, in person.


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