The Wilson-Carlo Hit

Hit’s are a part of hockey, as much as goals and fights, except for when they take a turn toward defenseless and or violent.  This is when we have a problem, like during the Capitals-Bruins match up, this past Friday evening.  It was the very beginning of the game, with plenty of time to score, so there is no acceptable reason for the hit on Carlo by Wilson.  The NHL had this to say after determining to suspend Wilson, who has been 4 previous times, in his NHL career.

“What separates this hit from others is the direct and significant contact to a defenseless player’s face and head, causing a violent impact with the glass.  This is a player with a substantial disciplinary record taking advantage of an opponent who is in a defenseless position and doing so with significant force.”   Via ESPN <

Currently, although released by the team that Carlo “is feeling better” (also via ESPN), Carlo is suffering from injuries which leave him on the Injury Reserve List, classified as “week to week”.  No surprise, as after Wilson sandwiched him, with great force, between himself and glass, the young player was transported to the hospital, quickly after the impact, via ambulance.  We wish him a fast recovery, as the team goes on without him, playing the Devils on home ice today.

In addition to his hefty 7-game suspension, Wilson will also take a pay cut of over $311,000.


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