Atlanta- Kyle Pitts- Round 1 Pick 4 In 2021 Draft

With the 4th pick overall, the Falcons have expanded their power, taking Tight End Kyle Pitts, and what a great pick it is.   This young prospect was a boss in Florida, and he will continue to be in the NFL, at 6’6 and 245 pounds.  Switching their 12th pick overall with the Dolphins 4th, was a great power move for the Falcons Franchise, and this proves it!  The way Pitt’s moves, he is agile, swift, and smart.  The Falcons have also made history, as Pitts is the highest any Tight End has been selected in the NFL Draft.  What an incredible accomplishment for both player and team.

I think he will have little competition going into the team as well.  Put him in the slot, with Ridley and Jones, you’ll have fireworks, as highlighted by the Draft commentators.  With his size, strength and agility, I wish opposing NFL teams luck, as they try to defend against this Tight End.  With his versatility, he can take an already good offense, and make them champion contenders.  It will be amazing to see what he can do in his first 2021-2022 NFL Season.

Go Falcons!



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