Dolphins- Round 3- Pick 81- TE Long

The great Boston College Tight End, Hunter Long, is off the NFL 2021 Draft List!  He will dawn a jersey for the Miami Dolphins in the 2021-2022 NFL Season.  This young player isn’t a bad blocker, but where he shines is his foot work, cupped with his ability to catch the ball.  He can add yards to any play, as he weaves his way through the defense with an agility.  The Dolphins can and will use this to their advantage.

He will work closely with other Dolphin’s Tight Ends.  Examples include, Durham Smythe and Mike Gesicki.  As with all Tight Ends, he has multiple ways to shine.  However, if I were an opposing team, I’d be watching his ability to catch.  Otherwise, he may be in the end zone, before you can blink!

Go Dolphins!


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