Washington-Round 4- Pick 124- TE Bates

Washington is building their team up again this year.  It’s a smart move, considering they bested all NFC East teams last season, to become Division Champions.  After handling some Quarter Back issues and Rallying around their coach who beat cancer, this team could very well win the division, and go further this season.  Adding upon this team with great offense is definitely a way to ensure this outcome.

Bates will work closely with Logan Thomas.

Getting John Bates, the Tight End from Boise State, At 260 and 6’6, he has the height to be seen anywhere on the field, and the arms to catch and bring that ball in.  His ability to run is thanks to his time on the Track and Field team, which is great, and a smart side sport to improve any Tight End’s ability.  I see this young prospect doing wonders to enhance the Washington Football Team and Franchise.

Go Washington!


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