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Seth Jones Stresses Future May Not Include the Blue Jackets

It may come as a surprise to fans, but a source has reported that Seth Jones, may not be with the Blue Jackets much longer.  As you’ll remember, a few weeks ago I reported that the team had questioned Jones resigning, over a year before his contract was due to expire.  I questioned if they could be inquiring, as to make him the next Captain, due to the Foligno trade.  If that had been the case, the team should be looking to other members, after this stunning revelation.

“Sometime in the last week or so, Seth Jones informed the Columbus Blue Jackets that he will not be resigning,” said Friedman. “You don’t like to deal in absolutes, but it does appear as if he is prepared to test free agency and we’ll see how Columbus decides to handle this over the next while.”  ( Via

So, where does this leave the franchise?  In my mind, with more questions, than answers.  Thank goodness they did this now, rather than at a later date, I guess.  If you can’t tell, I feel as stunned as you do, right now.

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