Canadian’s Advance Over Maple Leafs

It was a wild series, and one which went to the bitter end in Canada.  The Maple Leafs won the first 3 games, and it looked like a sure bet they’d take the series, from the Canadians, in a streak.  However, game 4 the Canadian’s won, then then 5, and then 6.  This forced a tied 3-3 series, and resulted in a 7th game needed, to determine the winner.

Last night, it was at first another defensive deadlock.  However, the Canadian’s scored once, then again, and slowly began to pull away from the Maple Leafs.  The finally score ended up being 3-1, Canadians.

The team now has an uphill battle before them though.  The Jets won their series a week ago, in a 4 game sweep, with the Oilers.  We will soon see, is it better to have a break, or play through, Canada style.

Game 1 is at 7:30, Wednesday evening!

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