Evans Hit Hard, Leaves Ice on Stretcher

Evans, a Canadian’s player went to shoot an empty net goal, he did, and then was blindsided by an opposing player, Scheifele.   To say the hit was nasty, and uncalled for, is an understatement.  The hit was so hard, Evans flew through the air and hit the ice, just before the boards, in a heap.  His body looked like a ragdoll, from start to finish of the hit.

Evans was clearly knocked unconscious.  The doctor and stretcher were brought right to his side, because their was no question, he shouldn’t leave the ice any other way.   He appeared awake, as he was taken to an awaiting ambulance, however he was unable to even give a thumbs up, to reassure fans.

It goes without saying, the Canadians team was very upset, and a fight was near as Scheifele was led off the ice, and straight into his locker room.  This wasn’t just due to his 5 minute major penalty, with a 10 minute major tacked on, but also for the sake of his own well-being, given what had just happened.

Of course, I will stay on this, for world-wide fans alike.  There will be much more coming from this story, like Evans condition and Scheifele facing further disciplinary action, from the NHL themselves.  We sincerely hope that Evans is alright.

Note: the Canadians won the game 5-3.

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