Scheifele Suspended

Just released:

After a violent hit in the Jets-Canadians game last night, Jets player Scheifele has found himself with a suspension.  The hit in question checked player Evans, of the Canadians, so hard he was tossed to the ice, in a heap.  Scheifele, was called today by the NHL, and was reportedly informed he will miss the net 4 games, for his actions last night.

Evans is resting with the team at their local hotel.  The player, by no surprise of fans, is recovering from a concussion.  However, according to staff, he was coherent enough he did not require a hospital stay.   We are thankful he is doing well, and hope that this is an example to all players that such hits, are not welcome in the NHL, for any reason.

We also wish to congratulate Evans on his very first playoff goal, which he scored right before this hit occurred.


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