We Have Our First 2021 Stanley Cup Semi-Final Team!

Tonight, the Canadian field was narrowed down to one, the Canadians have advanced to the Stanley Cup 2021 Semi-Finals!  The final was 3-2, which was decided in a very short overtime.  Being the first team to qualify, they will have a little time off, but it is best not to take advantage.  Remember, the Jets, who they just beat in a 4 game sweep, qualified for this round 2 series by beating the Oilers in the exact same 4 and out manner!

The team will face one of two Western Division teams, the Golden Knights, or the Avalanche.  That series is tied currently at 2 games each.  Game 5 is tomorrow evening at 9 PM.

Can the 7-Game Win Streak continue?  I hope so!

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