Golden Knights

We have our Final Stanley Cup Semi Final Team

It’s crazy to think, after the Avalanche won Game 1 7-1, that they would lose this series, but tonight their chase for the cup against the Golden Knights ended, just so.  Game 6 was do or die for the Avalanche, in a 3-2 series, where they had fallen behind by a game.  It was even scoring, until the third period, where the Golden Knights just ran away with the game.  The final score was 6-3.

It was a beautiful series, but the Avalanche must leave this behind, if they can, they could very well be back here next season.  The Golden Knights have less time to leave this series behind though, as the Canadians have had a little time to recover, from their series sweep of the Jets, who swept their first opponent!  Their next series will not be easy, not at all, but if Vegas can make it past the Semi Finals, as winners, they have every chance to lift that cup for the very first time in team history.

Congrats, Golden Knights!  We’ll see you there, Monday night!

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