NHL Stanley Cup 2021 Semi Final Schedule

Happy Semi Final’s hockey fans!  Here are the set schedules for the two remaining series, the Tampa Bay Lightning Vs. the Islanders, and the Golden Knights Vs. the Canadians.   Times may vary, so check your time zones and local stations too!

Tampa Bay Lightning Vs. Islanders

June 13th 3PM – Game 1

June 15th 8PM – Game 2

June 17th 8PM – Game 3

June 19th 8PM – Game 4

June 21st 8PM – Game 5 (If required.)

June 23rd 8PM – Game 6 (If Required.)

June 25th 8PM – Game 7 (If Required.)

Golden Knights Vs. Canadians

June 14th 9PM – Game 1

June 16th 9PM – Game 2

June 18th 8PM – Game 3

June 20th 8PM – Game 4

June 22nt 9PM – Game 5 (If Required.)

June 24th 8PM – Game 6 (If Required.)

June 26th 8PM – Game 7 (If Required.)

The great part about the semi finals, is that with only two series remaining, it is one game per night.  So, you can watch every game, in ever series, without missing another game!  Each team above has a 25% chance of being the 2021 Stanley Cup Champion.  Who will it be?  A U. S. based team, who hasn’t won in years?  A repeat champion from the 2020 Stanley Cup bubble?  Could we see the cup go back to Canada, for the first time in decades?  Or, could we see a team, who has never won a Stanley Cup before, do so in just 4 seasons, as an established team?  If you weren’t watching before, this is the time to do so!


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