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CBJ Assign New Associate Coach

It’s very exciting to see the new team taking shape this offseason.  The Blue Jackets newest addition is an associate coach, by the name of Pascal Vincent.  He comes to the Jackets by way of the Jets, which has been his home for the previous 10 years.  At the age of only 49, he is young, and this is perfect for building up a new staff.

In his time as the Manitoba Head Coach, which is part of the AHL, his record was fair with 155-139-31.   This was recorded of the span of 325 games.  He also holds an AHL Coach of the Year award, from his time with the Manitoba team, in the 2017-2018 season.

It will be very interesting to see how he works with Brad Larson, this upcoming season, with the Columbus Blue Jackets.  We welcome Vincent to the team, and wish him the very best of luck.  You can read more about his time within the AHL, and in Canada, at my source here:


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