Preview: The Champs V.S. the Underdog- Stanley Cup 2021

It’s been an exciting few weeks hockey fans, but it all comes down to this.   We have our final two teams.  The Lightning, who are the current defending Stanley Cup 2020 Champions; and the Canadiens, the underdogs, who weren’t expected to make it past the first seat Maple Leafs, in round one.  Watching these two teams this season has been amazing.  The Lightning beat the Panthers, Hurricanes, and Islanders to make it to this point.  Whereas the Canadiens beat the first seat, division champ Maple Leafs, the Jets who won their firs series in a 4 game sweep, and the Golden Knights in 6.

When you look at the strength of playoff schedule, in my mind, the Canadiens had more to overcome.  While the Lightning had a challenge, they did not play a former Semi-Final 2020 team, where as the Canadiens did, by way of the Golden Knights.  Beyond this, both teams are about even, as the Lightning beat their division first seat, in the Hurricanes, and the Canadiens did the same, by way of beating the Maple Leafs.  Each team has also shown their strengths in applying superior defense and offense.  What does this mean in the long run?  A really great Stanley Cup Final, I think!

Remember, Monday night is at 8 PM Eastern Time.  You can tune in on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, or on NBCSN.  I predict this series will go 6, or possibly even all 7 games.  These teams are the best, and they have the grit to go the long haul, especially when they know Stanley’s Cup, is the prize which awaits them at the end.


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