Coleman Draws Blood After Nasty Cross Check In Stanley Cup Final Game 1

Towards the end of the Stanley Cup Final Game 1, Coleman of the Tampa Bay Lightning was Cross Checked by Canadiens player Gallagher.  After this the fight began, right in front of the Lightning Goal.  In the fight, Gallagher’s helmet was ripped away from him, and then the two fell down to the ice.  Gallagher’s head took the brunt of the fall, and he arose with a large cut on his forehead, which drained a fair amount of blood.

Coleman was given only a 2 minute penalty for his actions, and the Lightning would skate away with the victory.  The final score was 5-1.

The main concern with the fall, as those announcing the game stated, the cut is bad but the head injury could be far worse.  We will see if Gallagher is alright, and available for game 2.  He did not appear to lose consciousness, so that is a good sign.

We’ll keep you posted on Gallagher!


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