Blue Jackets

Blue Jackets Have New Assistant Coach

The roomers were true, Sylvain Lefebvre is the clubs new Assistant Coach, under Brad Larson’s Head Coach Position.
Again, he is on the younger side for coaching at 53-years-old.  Also, as with other coaching staff hires, he signed to a three-year team contract.  As with the newly hired associate coach, he comes to the club from the AHL.  In his long stent there he coach the Gull’s, Bulldogs, Icecaps, and Rockets.  As for the NHL, he did have a short position, in the same position, with the Colorado Avalanche.  This was from the years of 2009-2012.

He has surely learned from all of this experience, and that could benefit the team greatly.  He also understands the pressure, and what is demanded of him, to do this role successfully.  Brad Larson was quoted saying this, in part, regarding his choice.  “Sylvain was an honest, hard-working defenseman who was undrafted out of junior, but turned himself into a player with over 1,000 NHL regular season and playoff games and a leader on a Stanley Cup championship team.”  (

Welcome to the team!


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