Can Canadiens Bounce Back, Or Will Lightning Strike 4 Times In A Row?

It’s been a wild week in hockey, there is no doubt there.  We saw the Stanley Cup Final begin, with the Lightning and the Canadiens, in Tampa Florida, just days ago.  Yet, after only 3 games, we’re left wondering if this season will end after just 1 more?  The Lightning have had sizable wins, in all games thus far, and the last was an undeniably 6-3 victory.

Fans of the Canadiens are still holding out hope, as they should, because this series isn’t over yet.  There could still be up to 4 more games, if the Canadiens can find a rhythm for themselves, and a way to keep the Lighting at bay for all 3 periods.  With that being said though, there is no denying a simple fact, last year in the pandemic bubble, in Canada, the right team won the Stanley Cup.  Only Monday night will tell, if this team is truly unstoppable.

It will be quite a night, as it’s win or stay home, for the Canadiens.  Remember, all games, from here on, will be on NBC.  Game 4 is set for 8 PM Eastern.

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