The Canadiens Forced Game 5, But Will It Be Played On Time, Wednesday?

After a very moving tribute to a goaltender lost too soon, Blue Jacket’s Matiss Kivlenieks, the Canadiens and Lightning played their Stanley Cup Final, Game 4.  In a nail-bitter, the Canadiens came back to win, 3-2, in overtime.  This is great news, for the Canadiens and hockey fans alike.  However, with the series now shifting back to Florida for Game 5, I’m thinking most reporters are focused on the thrill of tonight.  It was great, but I’m also looking toward the future, and complications which tropical storm Elsa could bring.

I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the news, as Elsa isn’t a new storm by far.  Further, the ongoing efforts to recover individuals, from the apartment collapse in the same state, has kept Florida very active in the news recently.  Along with one of their two pro hockey teams in the Stanley Cup Final, again, not a night goes by where they are absent.  So, my question is, does the NHL have a backup plan, if the stadium has no power Wednesday night?  It might sound a little absurd, but keep in mind the snow storm which postponed over a week of games in Dallas, this season, when the stadium had no power.  It was also deemed too dangerous for even players, to commute.  Each may be different in nature, but both are still natural disasters.

Fingers crossed that my words are just cause for unneeded concern, as Florida has had plenty of sorrow recently.  However, should such issues arise, we’ll keep you posted.  Game 5 is currently scheduled for Wednesday night, at 8 PM Eastern Time.  While Elsa is expected to come in on Tuesday, and stick around on Wednesday, according to Weather.com.  (Source for storm track only.    https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2021-07-05-tropical-storm-elsa-forecast-florida-southeast).


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