Dallas Cowboys Projected To Have A Top Kicker This Season

The Dallas Cowboys, who once had an amazing kicker named Dan Bailey, may have gotten lucky and acquired a new star, no pun intended.  He started to shine bright last season, 2020, on the first of his three-year-deal with the team.  A former Pro-Bower, whom once represented the Rams, and now dawns Cowboy attire, is making a fast name for himself, as Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein.

In just week 2, Zuerlein made himself well known.  In what many fans anticipated becoming an early loss, from the dismal 29-10 half-time score, against the Falcons, he led a trailblazing comeback.  An onside kick is a Hail Mary, and going from broke moment.  Honestly, this was.  To the surprise of fans, which I can say as a big one, Zuerlein’s worked!  Then came his 46 yard kick at the end, for the perfect cherry on top.  Had it not been for Dak Prescott’s gut wrenching injury, just weeks into the season, I believed we had a chance at this point in our season.  It was not meant to be, but this season, the pieces seem to be falling into place, and a great kicker certainly aids that.  Everyone jokes about it, but think of how many nail biting games and overtimes, have come down to a fearless and precise kicker?  I rest my case.

In my mind, this man was a gift from the Rams, to the Cowboys.  He’d also be a potential gift to your Fantasy Football roster this season too.  In the 2020 Cowboy’s season, out of the 36 extra point attempts put before him, 33 resulted in points.  Further, if he was within 50 of field goal range, he was an incredibly precise 31 out of 32 kicks. When it comes to the Pro Football Networks top Kicker rankings, you better believe Zuerlein is there, right at number 4.  So, this season, look to add him to your roster, alongside some other Dallas Cowboy greats.

How ‘Bout That Cowboy!


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