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Why Seattle Should Scoop up Domi, If Blue Jackets Don’t Protect Him

If you look around the web today, roomers are flying regarding every team, and who they will leave unprotected, in the upcoming Seattle Kraken Draft.  For this article, I’m focusing on the main team I cover, the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Roomers are flying that Max Domi, will not be protected.  You expect a few good players to be, as we can’t keep everyone safe.  With that being said, this is why I think Seattle should take him, if these roomers are proven fact.

Max Domi, for one, is young.  He is only 26-years-old.  That is still young in the world of hockey.

Two, Max Domi was a first round pick in his draft year of 2013.  He went 12th overall, to the Arizona Coyotes.

Third, his season with the Blue Jacket might not have been his best, but it also wasn’t his worst.  He had a total of 24 points on the season.  This was by way of 9 goals and 15 assists.  Considering he was only given 56 total games, that isn’t a horrible contribution, especially when you consider the Blue Jackets finished last, in their division.  Further, out of his entire team, he was the 5th highest scorer.

So, why leave Max Domi up and unexposed?  I honestly don’t know, given these numbers.  Again, I wrote this article based off of fan buzz, and web buzz, regarding roomers.  However, if the roomers are true, they do not make sense to this reporter.  There are several other players, who contributed far less, who should be unprotected, in my mind.  Only time will tell what happens, however, if the Blue Jackets leave Domi exposed, he is one of the first picks I’d take, for a brand new NHL team.

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