Seth Jones Could Be Traded, Very Soon- CBJ

Let me start out with saying that Seth Jones is a household name in Columbus, and that I do not like writing this article, at all!  However, I must, so here we go.

With 18 hours before the NHL Draft 2021, we are already talking about a high profile trade, that of Seth Jones.  A valued player, and well liked man, in the Blue Jackets hockey community.  These talks are being held with the Chicago Blackhawks.  Rumors of a deal between the two teams have been circulating since the brother of Jones left the team, and went to the Blackhawks.  Naturally, it would make sense for older brother to follow, and right now, that could happen very soon.

If you were hoping for Dach or Debrincat in exchange for the talented Defenseman, sorry to disappoint, but the Blackhawks have made it clear, those men are not on the table.  It’s also been reported, by several outlets, that with the Blue Jackets have 3 first round picks, tonight, that players interest them more for Jones, than any other offering.  So, who else does this leave?  Two names stood out to me in the source I found, and I did a bit of digging on each.

Lukas Reichel

This young man has been in the AHL since he was taken in the first round, by the Chicago Blackhawks, in 2020.  His first season there he scored 24 points, while his second, this previous year, he scored 27.  Not bad for just 19, and easily has potential.  He is a Left Wing, who comes from Germany.

Philipp Kurashev

A slight bit older, at 21-years-old, this young man was taken in the fourth round, in 2018.  He is a Center.  Last season, he had 16 total points, and played 54 games for the Blackhawks.  He hails from Switzerland.

Both of these players could be a great addition to the Blue Jackets.  Last year, point scoring lacked, horribly.  Comparing the two, I might take Kurashev.  Why?  He has played in the NHL, and thus can hit the ice running, because he’s faced those nerves of gameday.  On the other hand, 27 points in a season, is nothing to dismiss, no matter where they were racked up.  What would be best, if we could get both of them.  Jones, is surely worth such, and more, no doubt.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens next, in the Seth Jones Trade Saga.





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