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The Blue Jackets 2021-2022 Season Schedule Is Here!

Yes, the 2021 Stanley Cup was just finalized weeks ago.  However, if you’re a true hockey fan, it’s a lifestyle and year round!  We do have to wait until October 14th for the first Blue Jackets game, when they will play at home against the Coyotes.  This will be an exciting season, with our new head coach Brad Larson taking over.  As we also welcome a new NHL team, the Seattle Kraken.

The team will translon back to it’s original metropolitan division.  Further, unlike last season, there will be games outside the division again.  So, no matter where you are, you should be able to see your favorite team once.

Most notable in this schedule is the February pause, which will last for about three weeks.  The NHL was debating on if it would send players, to the Beijing Olympic Games, which will be in 2022.  They have decided yes, so we will get to cheer on a U.S.A. team, for the first time in eight years!

You can view the full schedule here, and get ready for the NHL Draft, which opens tonight!


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