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Seth Jones Leaves Columbus Blue Jackets For Blackhawks

With the Columbus Blue Jackets having three draft picks tonight, in the 2021 NHL Draft, it was expected to be an eventful evening.  However, the events kicked into high gear, as I waited in Nationwide Arena for team signatures.  While in line a news story popped up on my phone.  I reported this morning that the Blackhawks were in their final talks with the Blue Jackets, regarding Seth Jones future with the team.  Tonight, those plans were concluded, with the trade of Seth Jones.

Caleb Jones was traded away last week, Seth’s brother, to the exact same NHL Chicago team.  Along with Seth Jones, the Blackhawks received the teams 32nt Draft pick tonight.  In addition, in 2022 the Blackhawks will have the Blue Jackets sixth round pick.

So, what did the Blue Jackets get for Seth Jones, the wonder defenseman?  We received a younger defenseman, named Adam Boqvist.  We also moved up in the draft, taking the Blackhawks 12th pick overall.  On top of all this, we also have an additional second round pick, in the current draft tomorrow, with the cherry on top being an additional pick, in the first round, next year.

People will debate well into the next season if this was a good trade or not.  It is hard to see Seth Jones go, however, this is what he wanted.  It doesn’t help the team, or the player, to keep anyone who doesn’t have their heart and soul in every game.  This is a sad send off, but we do still wish him the best.  Given his new contract, worth over 65 million, he is being paid to be a ice hockey rock star.  We’ll see if he can deliver in Chicago.  I believe he can.

It is also worth noting that just minutes after this trade went through, that second round pick next year, didn’t last long.  We acquired another player, from the Hurricanes, named Jake Bean.  The Blue Jackets, in my mind, ran the draft tonight.  It’s nice to see the team take charge like this, and hopefully it lasts well into the season, and hopefully beyond.

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