Blue Jackets 2021 NHL Draft- Rounds 2-7

All information Via the Official Columbus Blue Jackets Twitter feed.

Well, if you thought last night was hockey madness, this morning was easily comparable.  It started off with a complete shocker, the trade of Cam Atkinson.  So now, many fans are uneasy, and they have every reason to be.  We are in a definite rebuild.  With that being said, not all rebuilds last forever, or end badly.  So, let’s jump into some draft picks!

In Round 2 the Blue Jackets had no picks.

In Round 3 we had a familiar 5th pick, again.  We took Stanislav Svozil, a Defenseman.

With our 4 Round 5th pick we selected Guillaume Richard.  He is also a Defenseman.

In Round 5 we had the 4th pick and 5th pick.  Our 4th pick was Nikolai Makarov, who is yet another Defenseman.   With the 5th pick in this round, we took James Malatesta.  He marks our third Center of this draft.

Round 6, Pick 5 went to Ben Boyd.  He marks our now fourth center of this draft.

Last, but not least, came our Round 7, 5th Pick.  Martin Rysavy, provided a change up, as a Left Winger.

For reconstructing a brand new team, I think we did well in the 2021 draft.  However, I would’ve liked to have seen another goalie taken.  Although Jarmo Kekalainen made it clear today, in a post draft news conference, that trading any goaltender is now off the table, this still leaves me concerned.  (https://twitter.com/BlueJacketsNHL/status/1419047136239497217).  The reason for this is due to the sudden loss of Matiss Kivlenieks, a backup goaltender for the team.  Before the tragedy, rumors swirled that the team planned to trade away Jonas Korpisalo.  This was dismissed today, but it doesn’t ease my concern.  Last season Matiss Kivlenieks played his firs games, due to three goaltenders being injured.  Goaltenders are as good as gold in hockey, and I believe we should’ve definitely drafted one.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t acquire one still, in what remains of the off season.  It just worries me what we’ll have to give up to gain.  Especially given how little we now have to offer, in regard to seasoned players, who teams would actually be willing to trade for.

The next season in Blue Jacket history will be one to remember, I can feel it.  This is a pivotal point, regarding where the team will go for years to come.  I know it’s been a shocking weekend, however, I think we’re in a good place to skate forward.  I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long, for the first game of the season, against the Coyotes!



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