Blue Jackets

Cam Atkinson…Traded

Yes, I’m shocked.  Last night he’s signing autographs, today he’s packing his bags.  If there was any hope we weren’t in a rebuild, they just skated out the window.

Cam will head to the Flyers, and in exchange, we get back Jakub Voracek.  So, It’s a current Jacket for a former Jacket situation.  Interesting, isn’t it?  Especially when Cam Atkinson backed the choice of Larson, becoming the Blue Jackets next Head Coach.  Further, if you shop Fanatic’s, Atkinson’s jersey was marked down significantly a few weeks ago.  I saw this, and it gave me pause, but I questioned it no further.  Why?  I didn’t want to believe this could happen.  We just lost Jones last night, and less than twenty-four-hours later it’s Atkinson.  Talk about rubbing salt in the wound.  Also, hopefully they didn’t just jinx the team, trading away 13!  Yikes.

With all of this transition, we can only hope there isn’t another trade, coming down the line, soon.


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