The Good, The Bad, And The Surprising- Montreal Canadiens

It’s been an interesting month for the Montreal Canadiens, without a doubt.  The good, obviously making it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs 2021.  It was something which hadn’t been accomplished in twenty-seven-years for the franchise.  No, they did not win the Stanley Cup, but making it all the way, when many counted you out before you’d even begun, says a lot about this team.

Unfortunately, since that Stanley Cup run, there has been some bad news regarding some key players on the team.  One of their best defenseman, and stars during that run, may never return to the game.  Sadly, Shea Weber has not said what injuries could cause such a crushing end to his career, only that there are (multiple).  He has already made it clear, he will be out for this upcoming 2021-2022 season.  (

In addition to Weber, their goaltender who had a huge impact on the Stanley Cup Final Playoff run, had knee surgery, today.  Out of Carey Price’s current eight-year contract, the thirty-three-year-old still has five years left. Thankfully, he is due back within two and a half to three months.  This means he will be back, just in time for the season to start.  (

I promised something surprising at the end of this article, and did the Draft Pick tonight deliver on that.  The first round was coming to a close, with only two picks left.  Montreal was ready, with their 31st pick, and it was a shocker to most.  Logan Mailloux, found himself in trouble last year, with the law, in Sweden.  When this came to light, in the recent weeks leading up to the draft here, he kindly asked that he not be drafted, by anyone.  This was part of his statement.  “The NHL draft should be one of the most exciting landmark moments in a player’s career, and given the circumstances, I don’t feel I have demonstrated strong enough maturity or character to earn that privilege in the 2021 draft,”  (  Although not formally arrested, the young player of only eighteen paid an undisclosed fine, centered around defemination and invitation of privacy, to a young woman.  This followed him sharing an unknown and unapproved sexual photo, of himself with said woman, to teammates on a social media account.  It is reported that the activity the two shared was conventual, but the photo was certainly not, and inexcusable.  After such was revealed, and his request to not be drafted, it even shocked reports to hear his name called tonight.

Post pick, the team released a lengthy statement, explaining their choice.  “By drafting prospect Logan Mailloux with the 31st overall pick, the Montreal Canadiens organization not only selected a promising hockey player, but also a young man who recently admitted to making a serious mistake.”  The statement continues, and you can read it fully at my source here:  (

It seems as though the headlines, even if a mixed bag, certainly have not left the Canadiens after their Stanley Cup run.  I for one am interested to see how this next season plays out for them.  If Price comes back better than ever, and this young man has learned his lesson, as the team believes, maybe there is another Stanley Cup run in the near future.


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