Dak Prescott Suffers Minor Shoulder Injury In Practice- Dallas Cowboys

After Dak Prescott’s devestating ankle injury last season, hearing that anything is wrong with him, makes a fan pause.  I know it did so for me.  Thankfully, the report’s today of him leaving the practice field, halfway through the day, were not as serious as some feared.  It is reported that he felt something in his right shoulder, and being that’s the arm he throws with, it’s best to be safe, than sorry.  It was checked out, and the team was pleased to say there “nothing serious there.”  (https://www.si.com/nfl/cowboys/news/dallas-cowboys-news-quarterback-dak-prescott-reveal-injury-training-camp-oxnard-nfl).

Prescott said this to ESPN, in part. “Better to be cautious and smart about it. I don’t see this as any kind of serious setback. We’ll treat it on a daily basis, and I’ll be fine.”  (https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31906679/dak-prescott-leaves-dallas-cowboys-practice-early-arm-soreness-did-not-want-push-it.”  Thankfully, it is just a minor muscle strain.  Not painless, but certainly not as painful as his ankle injury last season.  In my mind, he did the right thing.  He stopped and had it checked.  Better to do so than to fight through something, and then find out it was serious, and made worse by his pushing through pain to practice and play.

This is very important, as the first pre-season game in August 5th, just a week from Thursday.  They will play the Pittsburgh Stealers in prime time.  Typically you don’t see the stars play the full pre-season, just a little here and there.  However, given the season-ending injury Prescott suffered, he could see more time, just to work out his ankle and get back into competition.

We wish Prescott the best, and hope he continues to monitor himself, so he can remain at his best this season.  Fan’s can’t wait for the season to start anew, especially knowing of his new 4-year deal with the team, which was established earlier this off-season.

Go Cowboys!




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