One Of Dallas Cowboy’s Best Coaches Will Go Into Ring Of Honor

In my mind, one of the best coaches of the Dallas Cowboys, will now gain two well deserved honors.  Jimmy Johnson, one of the best to coach the game, will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend.  However, at tonight’s Hall of Fame game, where we saw the Cowboys play the Steelers, we got an even better surprise regarding Jimmy Johnson’s legacy.   The former coach will be inducted into his former teams hall of fame, known as the “Cowboy’s Ring Of Honor”.

Given that he led the less than perfect 1-15 Cowboys to two Super Bowls, back to back, it is hard to deny his impact on the Dallas Cowboys Legacy.  In five short years with the team, he coached a total of 80 games, in which the Cowboys won 44 of them.  In Super Bowl 27, the Cowboy’s beat the Bills 52-17.  While in Super Bowl 28, the Cowboy’s beat the same team, the Bills, 30-13.  So, in this reporter’s mind, there is no Cowboy’s Hall of Fame, if Johnson isn’t in it.  We congratulate him, and cannot wait for the day of his induction.  What an honor.  You can read more at my source, ESPN, here>

To no surprise, Johnson has kept his humble side.  “Jerry’s told me numerous times he’s going to put me in the Ring of Honor, and I think that day will come whenever Jerry feels like it, which is fine with me. I know what we were able to accomplish, and I’m very proud of that.”  (

Go Cowboys!


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