Dak Prescott Shoulder Update- Cowboys – 8/11

Today’s practice held some good news for the Dallas Cowboys Franchise, and fans alike.  Many are hoping for a better season than last, and when news broke of Franchise Quarterback Dak Prescott straining his shoulder las week, we all collectively held our breaths.  I’m happy to report that he seems to be on the mend, as he has been seen now, for several days, throwing the football at practive.

During his recovery, he has been on a half-day practice schedule.  It is with great joy as a Cowboy’s fan, that I also inform our readers he should be back to full practice sometime next week, as reported by ESPN.   (  Prescott said in part, “Right now it’s just about being, I think, in the team activity and ripping a pass, not worrying about it. Just trying to make sure I’m healthy enough to do that when that time comes because once I get back in a competition setting or team setting, I’m not going to think about my arm no matter what day or what stage it is. So it’s about progressing to it at the right time.”

This does mean however, that Prescott will miss the second pre-season game on Friday, in Arizona.  To evaluate his shoulder’s healing progression, there will be an MRI next week also, to be sure how his shoulder feels, corresponds with functionality.  You can read more of Prescott’s reaction to his injury, as well as who the team has worked with, to be sure the Franchise Quarterback is ready for game one, V.S the defensing Super Bowl Champs here <

Go Cowboys!


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