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Blue Jackets Sign Another Young Defenseman

Ole Julian Bjorgvik-Holm, who you might remember from his time with the Cleveland Monsters, or his young years playing in Norway, has officially become a Blue Jackets.  In just 16 games with the Monsters he racked up only 8 total penalty minutes, while he posted a solid 5 points.  Today marked his first contract signing, and it will last for a total of 3 years.  It is great to see Werenski gaining a large class of young defenseman to guide, as Bjorgvik-Holm is only 19 years of age.  Further, one of the most blaring issues last year, was the Blue Jackets defense.  So, it is nice to see that the issue has been taken seriously, and those in charge are doing all the can to correct the problem, before the season starts October 14th.




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