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Jack Roslovic Is Helping Youth Hockey, And You Can Too!

Rosie’s Gear For Goals TopGolf Event is an event set up by Jack Roslovic, of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  In partnership with his own organization, the event’s goal is to raise as much money as they can and use it to buy equipment for youth hockey players.  It’s such a great cause, so I just had to do a short write up about it.

“I know how expensive hockey can be. And that’s been my biggest thing — my vision a couple of years ago was to hold events to raise money and host a camp and outfit kids and youth in Columbus to get them on the ice or get them on the roller rink. We can use that money to create awareness and maybe have some new kids start playing the game, watching the game or whatever it might be, just to show hockey in a different light and introduce people to the sport.”  Jack Roslovic had to say about the event.  (  You can use this same link to buy tickets to the event on August 21st, or discover other ways to contribute to his cause.



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