Cowboy’s Wide Receivers For Your Fantasy Football Team

With pre-season well underway it’s time to look at every position so you know who you’ll draft for your fantasy football team.  Today, I’m focusing on the Wide Receiver position, and the Dallas Cowboy’s team.  Why?  These three men below never cease to amaze me in their skill, and mind set.  They play every game as if it were a playoff, do or go home situation.  That is something you always want on your fantasy, or real life football team.  So, here we go.

Amari Cooper #19

Probably one of the most recognizable names on this list will be that of Amari Cooper.  He came from the great college team of Alabama, which is a big deal in itself.  His best game last season was against the Browns, when he rushed for 134 yards.  At only 27, he has a long way to go and a lot to give this team when played.


Michael Gallup  #13

Michael Gallup came to us 4 years ago, from Colorado State.  He is also a bit younger, at only 25-years-old.  His best game last season was against the Seahawks, when he rushed for a total of 138 yards.  This was his highest game by far though.  With that being said, whether he remains a Cowboy or not, he is still one to watch closely.  The potential is there, he just has to be given the opportunity to utilize it.


CeeDee Lamb  #89

CeeDee lamb, at only 22-years-old, is the youngest on this list.  He was drafted out of Oklahoma, another strong presence in the College Football world.  His highest yard total was only 52, but this was against the Eagle’s last season.  He has played a bit this off season, and seems to be coming into his own quite well.  Again, another great Wide Receiver to watch, no matter where he goes.


So, who would you draft for your Fantasy Football Team?  Is it one of these men, or is your mind set on another?  Further, who would you cut at the end of this pre-season?  Let us know in the comments below.

Go Cowboys!


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