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Bjorkstrand Aid’s Denmark- Country Advances to First Olympics’, In Hockey, In History!

It’s always exciting to see one of your teams players participating in the Olympic Qualifiers, no matter which country they represent.  This weekend, Oliver Bjorkstrand did his his home country, and the NHL, proud.  Denmark, which has never made it to an Olympic games, will in 2022, and in large part thanks to the contribution of this one Blue Jacket.  He played an incredible set of 3 games, this past weekend, and the three wins qualified his home country, of Denmark, for their first games in history.  In the one against South Korea, he managed a hat trick!  All the more impressive as he did that hat trick in under 6 minutes.  Incredible!  In the other two games this weekend, against Slovenia and Norway he also had 2 assists.

Unfortunate and shockingly enough, the NHL has not officially given the green light for players to go to the Olympics and play.  Even with the time off being included in the 2021-2022 schedule, which was released weeks ago before the 2021 NHL Draft.  In my mind, this is wrong, especially after Bjorkstrand just went and played like this for his home country.  This should’ve been decided long before this point, and I’m calling the NHL for such.

Regardless, it’s great news for Denmark, but also the Blue Jackets.  Bjorkstrand is ready for the season, clearly!  Pre-season for the NHL will begin this month, believe it or not, and the season starts for his NHL team in just about 6 weeks.  Seeing a veteran player at this caliber is a great motivator, to both fans and teammates alike.  We can’t wait to see him back in Nationwide arena soon!

Congrats to Denmark, and go CBJ!


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