Cowboys Lost The Game, But Won In Strategy

It was a tall order for the Cowboy’s tonight.  They were starting their previously injured, Franchise Quarterback, Dak Prescott, for the first time all season.  An ankle injury ended his season early last year, and the pre-season was scrapped, due to muscle strain, connected to his throwing arm.  So, no one knew what to expect tonight, against the defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  With that all being said, it was better than any Cowboy’s fan could’ve hoped for.

Yes, I know they lost, but barely.  The final score was 31-29.  However, keep in mind the article title, they did lose the game but they won in strategy.  This is why.  Tom Brady had 4 turnovers, to some capacity Dak Prescott had none.  No, not every throw was perfect, but he did finish with a solid 403 yards, and a completion percentage of 72.4%.  He was focused, calm, and everything you want in your Franchise QB.  I think he will do wonderful this year, and he is a top pick for anyone looking for a Fantasy QB to follow all season.

Beyond him, we had some great work in the Wide Receive category, as I predicted we would.   Amari Cooper finished the night with several completions, 139 yards, and two touchdowns.  CeeDee Lamb finished with 104 yards and a touchdown himself.  Eliot was a heavy target of the Buccaneers Defense, and as such he had a lower night at only 33 yards.  Still, he, as many others, contributed as much as he could toward that final score.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy also had many wise moves during the game.  He rotated players to keep the Buccaneers on their toes and guessing.  Further, he allowed Prescott to run, and play, to his full compacity.  Doing so made a big statement tonight, especially to many who believed the Buck’s would bulldoze the Cowboys in every way.  The coaching staff looked ready, the offense was on point, and the defense was sharp.  At this point, we are only one game in, and yes, it was a loss.  However, I see this being a very good season for Cowboy Nation.

Next game is at the L. A. Chargers.  Kickoff is set for September 19th, at 4:25 PM.

Go Cowboys!

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