Cowboy’s Lose Another Player Out During Practice Wednesday- Out For “Week’s”

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t had much luck this season in practice.  First, Dak Prescott strained his throwing arm muscle.  Now, a key defenseman, DeMarcus Lawrence, has suffered a broken foot during drills today.  He isn’t just a great tackle, he is a leader among the Cowboy’s defense.  So, this will be a huge blow to the defensive line, which did well last week against the Buccaneers, opening night.  The team lost, but it was a hard fought matchup, and a tall order for a losing team last season, who played the Super Bowl Champions.

With any luck, the injury will be able to heal, without surgery.  Even if this can occur, it’s a 6-8 recovery timeframe.  Meaning he could miss most of the regular season.  Not ideal in the slightest for a team starting the season 0-1.  There is still hope, as the defense could pick up the slack.  However, they can’t lose more people like this, it’s too costly to the finished product; a wining game day defensive line.  We’ve seen how a long list of defenseman, out for any team, ends.  It isn’t in the playoffs, that’s for sure.

We’ll keep you posted on his recovery.  We wish him well during such.  However, Fantasy Football fans would be smart to relieve themselves of this pick, for now, until he returns.




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