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Brad Larson Just Named His Top Men For Captain- Waiting To Be Sure

No, during Media Day, Brad Larson didn’t name his next Blue Jackets Captain or Assistant Captains.  However, when asked about players he was watching to “take the lead” he had a short list ready to go.  His first, Boone Jenner.  His quote exactly was this: “He’s a heart and soul kind of guy.  He’s a Blue Jacket.”  I feel many fans agree with this.  Since the surprising exit of Foligno, Jones, and Atkinson, many have speculated he is the next best option for Captain.

He also made note of other players, who could play in the “A”, Assistant Captain, slot.  In order these men were Oliver Bjorkstrand, Zach Werenski, and Gus Nyquist.  Any of these men, and all of these men, have earned this honor.  Bjorkstrand and Werenski stepped up last season to lead, without the incentive of the “A” on their jersey.  Nyquest trained all last season to return as a Blue Jacket.  These men love this team, and this city, that much is clear.

I would throw in one extra name.  Jack Roslovic.  He did an amazing charity event to raise money for junior hockey gear.  As Brad Larson hinted at in Media Day, the Captain represents both the NHL Team and the city it is in.  Roslovic could be a great addition to the Assistant Captain category.  No doubt.

When asked about a timeline for a final Captain/Assistant Captain decision, he stated this:  “I don’t want to rush that decision.”   Then continued with this:  “They may make the decision by the end of camp but “we’re not going to make a decision just to make a decision.”

We will see what Camp has to offer, in means of a Roster, and beyond.  It’s getting exciting folks.  I can’t wait for my second full season of coverage to begin.  I may cover many teams, but this is my primary focus.  I’m a Blue Jacket, and can’t wait for that 2021-2022 season to begin, just like all of you!

Go CBJ!!!!


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