Cowboys Go 4-1 After Giants Injury Filled Game

Today was a good day for the Cowboys, and a very bad day for the Giants.  During the games progression, the Giant’s lost Saquon Barkley, their Running Back, to a horrible ankle injury.  During the second half, they lost their Quarterback, Daniel Jones, due to a head on head collision.  We wish both players a speedy recovery, as Barkley’s injury is still undetermined, but it was quickly known that Jones had suffered a concussion.

As the Dallas Cowboy’s go 4-1 on the 2021-2022 NFL Season, they will remain on top in the NFC East Standings.  The final score was 44-20.  The NFC East is as follows

Cowboys  4-1

Washington 2-3

Eagles 2-3

Giants 1-4

Here are you biggest Fantasy Football players of the game.

Dak Prescott, just one day shy of the 1 year anniversary, which destroyed his ankle, and ended his 2020-2021 season, had a big day.  He went for 302 yards rushing.   Today was his best week, of the season, for yards, since the week 1 loss against the Buccaneers.  He had an interception, but also 3 Touchdowns.  Way to go Prescott!

Ezekiel Elliott had 2 Touchdown, with a total of 110 yards.

Amari Cooper had 1 Touchdown, with 60 Total yards.

CeeDee Lamb had 1 Touchdown, with 84 yards.  His most since week 2 against the Chargers.

Anthony Brown, a Corner, had an interception, which resulted in a pick 6!

The Defense brought the push back, while the Offense brought the points today.  It was a great game, no doubt, for this team.  The Cowboy’s are away next week, against the Patriots.  This will be October 17th, and at 4:25 PM.

It is also worth nothing that a Giant’s had a player ejected, this was Darius Toney.  He reportedly took a swinging motion, as to punch someone.  I didn’t see this, so my comments on such end here.

Go Cowboys!




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