What A Game! Cowboy’s Go 5-1: Beating The Patriots In Overtime!

To say that was a nail bitter, would be a serious understatement!  In the last few minutes we saw a pick 6 by Diggs of the Cowboys.  Followed by a Patriot’s 75 yard completion, answering said pick 6.  When the clock struck 0:00, it was a tied game, and time for Overtime.

The Patriots got the ball first, but didn’t score.  The Cowboy’s had their turn, and in a lovely completion to CeeDee Lamb, the Cowboy’s are your Overtime winners.  The final score was 35-29 Cowboys.

These are your Fantasy Stats.

Dak Prescott had 1 interception, but beyond this, a pretty flawless game.  He went for 445 yards, with 3 Touchdowns.  His completion percentage was 70.6%.  This was his highest week for yards, and his rating is a 108.7.

CeeDee Lamb had had 9 receptions, with a total of 149 yards.  This consisted of 2 Touchdowns.

Ezekiel Elliott had a total of 69 yards.  He had a few good runs, but as is typical, the defense knowns to block him well.

Amari Cooper had 5 receptions for 55 yards.

Trevon Diggs had his 7th interception of the season, and has yet to go a game without at least one.  Watching him is incredible.  If this man isn’t part of your Fantasy lineup, I’d suggest fixing that.  This interception today was his second pick 6 as well.  We can’t wait to see what he does next week.

The NFC East as it stands:

Cowboys 5-1

Washington Football Team 2-4

Eagles 2-4

Giants 1-5

Speaking of next week, the Cowboy’s will take on no one.  That’s right, October 24th is a by-week for the Cowboys.  Their next game will be on Halloween, at 8:20 PM (check your local station) against the Vikings.

Go Cowboys!


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