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Blue Jackets Game Amped Up With New Locker Room Revealed

This article is going by just the video tour posted by @BlueJacketsNHL on Twitter, and shared by @TheNasher61.  It’s a 1:40 of beauty as you get a players view of this incredible new locker room, made for our Columbus Blue Jackets.  On first glance you’ll see all the sticks, sorted in two sections to your left.  When you go inside the main locker room, you’ll see each layer has their own cubical.  Their jersey’s face outward, with all their equipment surrounding such.  Each cubical is made with what appears to be a dark stained wood, very sleek and top notch.  Simple but elegant in my mind.

As you turn and look forward to the entrance you’ll notice a TV handing from the celling, in the video it shows the blue jackets logo playing over and over.  Beyond this is a very cool blue jackets light, which any fan would want in their own home, just saying.  When you look directly ahead you’ll see another TV at the front, playing the exact same logo on repeat.

You then turn to your left, from the locker room itself, and can take in the spacious bathroom.  The sinks are set with a light wood finish, and white tile is all around.  With this being a locker room, showers are probably somewhere in this area too, we just don’t see them.

It is an incredible set up, and it should be, they spend a lot of time here.  The excitement before every game, the triumph after every win, and the defeat of every loss (when home) is felt here.  Even when playing away, this is the home which they return to.  It’s an impressive set up, and I’m sure the men can’t wait to immerse themselves in it tonight, before they take the ice against the Islanders at 7:00 PM.



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