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The Blue Jackets Lost, This Is Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Yes, a 5-1 loss, to any team, is hard to swallow.  Believe me, I get it.  With that being said, I’ll explain my perspective in the following article, as to why this isn’t as big of a problem as it seems.

First and foremost, this is a normal NHL season, again.  Unlike last season’s mortified year, accommodating Covid-19, this year is an 82 game season.  Being 3-2-0 isn’t a bad place to be after 5 games.  Yes, the Columbus Blue Jackets are currently 6th in the Metropolitan Division Standings, keep in mind that this is out of 8 teams total.  Some of these teams are doing very well, however, the Hurricanes (number 2) and the Devils (number 5) have only played 4 games to our 5.  So, more or less, it’s like comparing apples to oranges; not the same.  At least not when you factor in that  each team will play the same 82 total games this season.  So much can still happen between 77 games and a Winter Olympics, that’s for sure.

Beyond the standings and games played, you have to look at the games themselves.  Opening night’s 8-2 win, over the Coyotes, was an emotional game.  They played with Matiss Kivlenieks in mind, and honoring a player can change a game dramatically.  The next game was a 2-1 win, in overtime, against the brand new NHL team, Seattle Kraken.  This is simple, it was a brand new team, whereas we have some veteran players who’ve been together for years.  Our first loss was against the Red Wings, in game 3, the score was 4-1.  It was the first road game of the season, and honestly they just looked better than us.  We then came home to Nationwide Arena, and won again in Overtime against the Islanders; the final scoring being 3-2.  They were a good team, and we beat them by playing well.  Then, came last night’s 5-1 loss to the Hurricanes.  Yes, it was painful, but you have to remember, last season they won our division!  They are such a good team, and with our transition to a new coach and players both lost, and gained, last night makes sense.

Boone Jenner had a great goal in the second period, however, “fight for your ice, high speed, and high skill,” is how Head Coach Brad Larson described the Hurricanes last night after the loss.  He’s completely right, when asked if last night was a good lesson for the team, “we’re a young team” he stated.  He’s “excited” for those he has, we all are I think, but for several of these men this is both the 5th game of the season and the 5th game in their NHL career.  For players like Chinakhov it’s even less than that.  “It’s a great lesson.”  He stated, and the video is on Twitter under @BlueJacketsNHL of his full interview.  Unfortunately, the reporter who asked this question, regarding lessons learned, didn’t state his name before asking.  So, this is sadly my best way to give him credit, but it’s such a great point to be made, especially when discussing a loss like last nights.

Also, I know Korpisalo hasn’t won a game yet, but he will.  Yes, he over corrected and a puck went in last night, however, that’s one goal, not 5.  This is a team effort, let’s not forget that.  A loss is on a full team’s shoulders, not one player alone, I just feel that needs to be pointed out.  Further, every goaltender has made this same mistake, every goaltender loses, and every goaltender in the NHL makes incredible saves, just like many of his have been this season.

As a wrap up, I think that their win is our gain.  Last season we didn’t see the Penguins, Capitals, or other teams from our home division.  However, we still faced Carolina, and we will again many times this season.  Last year they won our division, and this is why they were the best team.  As I said, a lot can change between now and the final 82nt game of the 2021-22 NHL Season.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Again, it’s game 5, and this team has shown already that they are hungry to make it back there soon.  It could be this season, or next, but the 5th Line will support them until it happens and goes all the way to the end, when they hoist that Stanley Cup.  I don’t know much, but I do know that to be 100% true.  So, we dust ourselves off and get ready for the Dallas Stars, at home, tomorrow night.  It’s a brand new game.  You can’t change the past, but we can look toward the future, knowing this is a great team which is just amped up when the 5th Line is behind them.



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