Shocking Investigation Findings Result In NHL’s Blackhawks General Manager Resignation

It’s a classic situation of having power, but not using it correctly.  The Chicago Blackhawks are now without their General Manager.  Stan Bowman has cited he will step down after a third-party investigation into Sexual Misconduct chargers, by a prior Blackhawks player, were found to be true.  The issues took place in 2010 and specifically name Brad Aldrich as the assaulter.  During that time he was the Blackhawks Video-Coach.  At this time, the Blackhawks have announced that the Vice President of Hockey Strategy and Analytics, Kyle Davidson, will step into the GM role.

This CEO of the Blackhawks, Danny Wirtz, had this to say. ““Rocky and I appreciate Stan’s dedication to the Blackhawks and his many years of work for the team,” Wirtz said in a statement, referring to his father, Hawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz. “However, we and he ultimately accept that in his first year as general manager he made a mistake alongside our other senior executives at the time and did not take adequate action in 2010.

Stan exhibited extreme professionalism and integrity in cooperating in the investigation, more so than his peers, and we cannot overstate the important role Stan played in revisiting that meeting in the report. I believe that if this had happened in 2020-2021 with Stan at the helm, the Stan that I know and that we know would have acted differently and been a louder voice in that room.”

If the mans name sounds familiar, it is due to his upcoming role in the 2022 Winter Olympics.  Bowman was meant to be thee Unite State’s Team’s General Manager.  Due to this investigation, however, he has left that role as well.  No replacement has been named as of yet.

All of the Chicago Blackhawks who lead in the year 2010, when these events occurs, have either left by their own choice or have been told they will be.   In addition the NHL Club will pay a steep $2 Million fine for what they are labeling as “inadequate internal procedures and insufficient and untimely response” (  $1 Million will be put toward aiding survivors of such incidence in the Chicago area.

The player has not come forward with his identity, and I can’t blame him one bit.  It is also worth mentioning that the same offender (Aldrich) was convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct eight years ago.  He admitted to such, pleading guilty, to the Michigan High Schooler’s allegations.  That same high school player also took the Blackhawks to court as well.  These are serious allegations, but made even more so now proven to be true.  We wish the survivors the best as they navigate the terrible situation.  You can read even more about the situation and the CEO of the Blackhawks response in my source, credited many times throughout the article, and also below.




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