Panthers (NHL)

Andrew Brunette Will Coach Florida Panthers For Now

“It’s a real sad day for hockey, with Kyle Beach and everything he’s gone through,” Brunette said. “You feel for him and what he’s had to deal with. It’s a sad day for our organization, it’s a sad day for our players, it’s a sad day for the game of hockey.”  (for quote only<

This seems like a good way to start off this article.  As several outlets and I reported last night, the Florida Panthers Head Coach stepped down, due to his involvement in the Blackhawks mishandling of Beach’s Sexual Assault claim in 2010.  The team ignored such, and it resulted in another assault, to a High School student, in Michigan as well.  Many men in the Blackhawks organization have stepped down or been fired as a result.

ESPN, my source, also quoted the new Head Coach saying that his new position is “day to day”.  This story has shook the NHL, as a whole, and it is far from over.  I’ll provide updates as they come available.



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