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Blue Jackets Get Shutout In Madison Square Garden

In Period one the Columbus Blue Jackets would give two Ranger’s players too much opportunity.  This would lead to a goal from both Strome and Lafreniere.  Strome’s goal would have an assist by the former Columbus Blue Jacket “Bread Man” Panarin.

The second period would hold a lot of great defense, by both teams.  This would result in a goalless period.  2-0 still, Rangers of Blue Jackets, heading into the third.

With the last second ticking off a Roslovic, 2 minute penalty, Kreider would score for the Rangers.  Panarin would have another assist.  The score is now, at this point, 3-0 Rangers.  About half way through the period, a pushing match would begin between Bjorkstrand, of the Blue Jackets, and Strome, of the Rangers.  Domi, who is back after just two weeks off for three fractured ribs, would get in the middle, throwing a few good hits, and absorbing a few too.  Both would get equal penalties of two minutes each.  Unfortunately, another penalty, for slashing, by Bean would result in a 4-3 Ranger advantage.  During this time, Kreider would get a second goal on the night.  Panarin would be credited with a third assist on the night.  The Rangers would then lead 4-0.  With just a few minutes left the Blue Jackets would get another Powerplay chance, but it wouldn’t happen.  The game would end with a Rangers shoutout of the Blue Jackets, final was 4-0.

The shots on goal would be Rangers over Blue Jackets 31-36.  There were several chances for the Blue Jackets to score, and so many were so close to doing so, but close doesn’t count in hockey.  Elvis had some great saves, but at times everyone could’ve done a better job protecting the net.  The Rangers, tonight, were no doubt better.  Elvis is now 4-1-0.  He is still undefeated at home though, so that’s nice.

The Blue Jackets will go onward to face the New Jersey Devils, at home, on Sunday.  Puck drop is at 5:00 PM.  Hopefully it’s a scary Halloween for them, not us!

We’ll see you then 5th Line!


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