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Blue Jackets Get The Last Treat On Halloween- Beating Devil’s In Shootout!

The Power Play is valuable beyond just the upper hand to score; it can change the speed and favor in any game.  Proof of this occurred in the Blue Jackets at Devils game today, on Halloween.  At just 1:07 into the game the Devils would beat the Blue Jackets Defense and scored on Korpisalo’s net.  This would be by way of Devil’s player Johnsson.  A penalty was called minutes after, against the Devils, for a slash against Defenseman Werenski.  The Powerplay would result in Bjorkstrand tying the game, the assist would go to Voracek.  The Defense would spark after this goal, as well as the Offense, and this would lead to another score.  This time it would be a Laine goal, with another assist by Voracek.  2-1 at the end of Period 1.

It is also worth noting, before we head into Period 2, that an incident occurred with Robinson. He and a Devil’s player were trying to get the puck from against the boards.  Robinson would claim the puck on his stick, but the Devil’s player would try to get it back.  At some point during this Robinson’s hand was hit with the stick, after his glove became dislodged from his hand.  It looked painful, to me, and he had ice on it the moment he reached the bench again.  If there is any word on a hand injury, I’ll be sure to let you all know.  Now, on to Period 2 play.

Unfortunately, the Defensive wheels would come off the Blue Jackets bus, again.  The Devils would have a double score. with just 1:17 between each.  The first was by Mercer and the second by Hamilton.  These would be the only two scores of the second period.  The score would now be 3-2, Devils.  Again Korpisalo had some great saves, but if there is a chink in the Defense armor, as I’ve said before, Korpisalo can’t do everything.

In Period 3 there was a log of great Defense, but again Korpisalo worked his skates off protecting that CBJ net.  With under eight minutes left, Mercer rammed Laine into the boards, and again there was no penalty called.  Seconds later Bean almost found himself in a scuffle with Graves (@JacketsInsider on Twitter for names involved), but this was stopped immediately by the refs.  At 5:25 the Captain would have a goal of his very own, say it with me, BOOOOONE!  This would lead to a 3-3 tie.  Gavrikov would get a penalty, followed by one for Hamilton.  An overlap of just over thirty seconds would occur, giving the Devil’s a 5 player on 3 advantage.  The Blue Jackets would fight it off though by way of Captain Jenner, Assistant Captain Werenski, and Defenseman Robinson.  (Names again from @JacketsInsider) This would take this game to Overtime.

Korpisalo proved early on, to Mercer, who was still looking to pick a fight, that he wouldn’t take his attitude.  After this the Overtime was full of incredible Defense, and Offense, for both teams.  At the very end, another missed call, when Werenski was tripped and tossed into the net.  Thankfully he got up, on his own power, but he is another to watch and hope he’s alright for games to come.

The last seconds would then tick away in Overtime, leading to a Shootout.  This is all good though, because guess what?  Voracek gets his own goal, leading to a three point night of trick for him!  Two assists and the winning goal.

It was a night full of tight hockey, missed penalties, and incredible goaltending.  Korpisalo, finally, gets his first win in net!  The Blue Jackets head onward to the Colorado Avalanche, with two points in their pocket tonight, on a very Happy Halloween!  They faced the Devils and skated away with the win!





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