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Wanting to take the next step with your DFS Lineups? You need to check out ProLytics!


ProLytics is a multiple sports analytics suite used to perform advanced statistical analysis on various sports industries including daily fantasy sports, sports gambling, and professional strategy.

For daily fantasy sports we utilize the latest in AI/machine learning technologies for players to can an informative advantage using this sports analytics suite.

ProLytics took feedback from daily fantasy users into account to create ProLytics:

  • Accuracy is now backed by the latest in technology advances that most technology companies seek after
  • The give their users the tools to condense the data to only the important statistics so they are able to make accurate decisions faster
  • They simplified the UX of ProLytics. So instead of inundating with all the “noise” of loads of articles and content they made ProLytics straight forward so you can produce lineups quickly and accurately

Why does ProLytics utilize Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning? Is there any difference?

They use AI/ML because of the predictive accuracy they can gain when predicting game outcomes, player performance and play type sequence. They use these predictions to leverage their lineup optimization and provide optimal lineups.

You will not find a better site for DFS Lineup creation and predictive analysis anywhere. We at SkullKing use ProLytics for all of our own DFS Lineup research and already seen very positive results!!!


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